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about us

A lawyer + a banker = chocolate? Not the first thing that comes to mind, to be sure, but that’s still what happened when Kristi and her husband Youssef decided to take a leap of faith, leave their careers and follow their dream. Armed with their passion, their will and the inspiration nature gives them they create the tastebud-inspiring Chocolala that lets you taste the forest, fruits and flowers in every bite. Just think about chocolate infused with caramelised birch sap, spring’s first spruce sprouts, dewy blueberries and black currants… These are the ingredients Chocolala is made of, with hands, eyes and heart, allowing this unique chocolate to conquer so many tastebuds. We bring you happiness!

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Chocolala differentiates clearly with candies of pure and mostly local flavours. They accommodate different requests happily and try to find the best possible solution. A production process in constant development helps to bring out the flavours of different chocolates even better!!!

Taigo Lepik

Chef de Cuisine of the Office of the Estonian President

Definitely the best chocolate candies, which outshine even the best Belgian and French analogues. At Electrolux, we have offered a Chocolala candy selection many times to celebrate numerous milestones. I would definitely recommend everybody to try it! Prantsuse analoogidele. Oleme Electroluxis korduvalt pakkunund Chocolala kommivalikut oma mitmete verstapostide tähistamistel. Soovitan kindlasti kõigil proovi da!

Andres Kesker

Manager of Electrolux Estonia and Electrolux Latvia

A few weeks after sending out Christmas presents I got a surprising telephone call from a manager of a subsidiary in the USA—a company that we could not get a meeting with for months, contacted us themselves, thanked for the delicious chocolates, and expressed their wish to collaborate with us.