Our team

Kristiin Agasild

Kristiin has studied both business management (at Concordia University) as well as pedagogics (at Tallinn University).
She is really interested in psychology, theatre, art, painting, dancing, and hiking in the nature.
Kristiin was a well-loved teacher for 12 years before joining us. At Chocolala, she is the ever-shining sales manager.

Inessa-Agnetha Malk

Inessa was our first employee (she is currently the production manager) and the author of numerous Chocolala products. The first work-year was spent in a small apartment, where we tested our first products. The champagne candy, which is the customers’ favourite, was also created by Inessa in the same apartment at Lembitu Street. Five years later in 2019, Inessa’s candies won the II and III place at the world championship competition—Chocolate Awards. Inessa is irreplaceable.

Youssef Laban

Youssef is one of the founders of Chocolala and Kristi’s husband. Youssef has done engineering and banking studies and worked at managerial positions all around the world for the past 25 years. Youssef and Kristi run Chocolala together.

Kristi Lehtis

In 2013, Kristi had to choose whether to continue working as an M&A lawyer in England, sometimes having 24-36h work shifts, or to raise her 2 year old child and create a suitable working environment for herself. Option no. 2 won, and thus Chocolala was born with the desire to offer joy and happiness to people.

Helen Steuer

Helen is a powerful woman from Saaremaa island. She is inspired by music, nature, yoga, and travelling. Before joining Chocolala, Helen worked as a pastry chef and created majestic cakes at Heidi Park. Helen is one of the key figures at Chocolala.

Krete Kauküla

Krete is excellent at sciences and despite her youth she often outshines others with her knowledge. Krete studies at the School of Law of the University of Tartu and is interested in the Korean language and culture. At Chocolala, Krete helps to build databases and communicate with customers.

Alla Pogosjan

Alla is always happy and energetic. She has raised three talented sons and decided to become a chocolate master later in life. Alla is educated as a pastry chef, and she loves dancing, travelling, and bringing joy to everyone around her.

Liisi Pogosjan

Liisi has studied math at the University of Tartu and enjoys all tasks related to numbers and organisation. Her hobbies are cooking and sudoku.
Liisi is one of the key figures at Chocolala.

Marie Jõenurm

Marie has studied marketing and works at Chocolala as marketing and sales person. We are confident that each client entering our shop has noticed her warm smile. Marie´s bobbies are reading, travelling, hiking and baking.