Chocolala cares

From the start, Chocolala was built as a socially responsible company. Sharing is the keyword that best describes the company spirit: sharing success, knowledge and happiness. What makes us socially responsible?

We donate 18% profit

First fairtrade certificate in Estonia

Development opportunities for employees

  • 18% of our annual profit is dedicated to active NGO’s in the social, health, educational or environmental domains.
  • Chocolala was the first Estonian company to have its products Fairtrade certified in 2014.
  • Ingredients are sourced locally whenever available.
  • Organic products are the first choice and Chocolala is in the process of transforming the remaining 10% of its packaging into eco-friendly materials by 2021.
  • For its staffing, Chocolala adopted proactive recruitment and remuneration policies. Special care is taken to have a diverse and well remunerated workforce. Employees profit from unique financial benefits, quite uncommon in the local labor market. They have minimum mandatory training days each year locally and abroad with renowned chefs and are encouraged to take additional academic and professional trainings when they wish to do so. The employees, at all levels, have the freedom to innovate and all of the Chocolala award-winning products were imagined by them. Collective projects, such as a published recipe book, are launched to foster the team spirit.
  • Induction of young people is an integral part of Chocolala spirit and a summer guidance program of 15-20 young participants is organized to help them explore different career options.
  • Chocolala established strong relationships with local artists (Marko Mäetamm, Seaküla Simson, Anu Purre) and promotes Estonian arts in its range of products.
  • In 2018, its own non-profit organization, Magusad Šokolaadilood MTÜ, founded an Estonian chocolate museum showcasing for free the history and traditions of confectionery in Estonia. This space is used to organize events for disadvantaged children along with other NGO’s.
  • Chocolala is also a regular sponsor of social and cultural events.
  • Food safety is important for us and the company production passes successfully the yearly certification to the ISO 28000-2018 standards.